Tips for thanking your clients and customers

Connecting with your customers is more than a mass “Happy Holidays” card; showing gratitude in an authentic way can create a positive experience for the customer and make your company more memorable. While each customer and each business is unique, we have some quick tips to get you started.

Thank you cards can make a lasting impression

Refer to previous conversations in notes or gifts

Common gifts like a bottle of wine can show appreciation, but a thoughtful message can help you stick at the front of their mind. Reference moments from a previous conversation, their family, or professional projects. If you are searching for a gift, take note if a client mentions a book they want to read, a coffee they enjoy, or a charity they are passionate about, for example. 

Handwrite your thank you notes

Taking the time to thank your customers with a handwritten note adds a touch of personalization and adds value to the relationship-building process. This small amount of extra time can make a larger impact on your customer and show that the interaction was meaningful.

Thank your contacts immediately

Whether it’s a referral, lead, partnership, or job, it’s important to follow up with a thank you note in a timely manner. The sooner you reach out to express your gratitude, the more prominent you will remain in your clients mind.

Show gratitude for clients old and new

Thank you cards aren’t just for new clients. Reaching out to regular contacts like company partners and suppliers, as well as long-time customers, can put your company in a positive light and show that you value their relationships.

When possible, skip the email

While an email can be quickly glanced at and discarded, a physical card is much more likely to be opened and read. Opt for the traditional route with a tangible card for your message to feel genuine and special to your client.

Take the time to create a personalized, meaningful, and timely message when thanking contacts to foster a positive experience and watch your relationships grow with each touchpoint. Client contact cultivates positive word of mouth, leading to a greater sense of customer loyalty.