The power of referrals

Did you know that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a current customer? Imagine if you diverted half of your marketing budget to your existing customers, rather than the acquisition of cold leads?

Considering that referral-based sales close at 50 to 70 percent, up from 10 to 30 percent from other lead sources, you will see a much higher return on your dollar. You will also find that your time and the time of your staff can be directed to more valuable ways of growing and refining your business.

How do you increase the number of referrals coming through your pipeline?

Ask. Never estimate the value of asking your existing clients and network if they can connect you with someone who needs your services.

Marketing to your current database. Send regular marketing emails and postcards. Make sure you are the one they think of first when someone asks them if they know a professional in your field.

Add in a personal touch. Standard marketing emails and postcards are an essential piece of your marketing strategy, but they lack personalization. Send at least four to six personal messages to your top customers. Say happy birthday, ask them about their lives, or simply say hello because it has been a while. These individualized touchpoints will make you stand out and show that you care.

It's in that last step that Forget Me Not ai will help you operate at a higher level. Our system will identify the reasons to reach out, it will draft the note for you, and will even handwrite and mail a card for you. That personal touch can be as easy, if not easier, than all of the other tasks on your list.