Sending a Card Through Forget Me Not ai

Receiving a personalized card in the mail can be such a rare thing these days, which makes it even more meaningful. We make it simple to send a handwritten, personalized card right from your computer.

Who handwrites these cards for you? Robots! They write the cards for holding real pens, and you can choose the handwriting style. The robots also address your envelope and put a stamp on it!

Start by selecting a contact in your Forget Me Not ai account and choosing an occasion.

You will be taken to a page where a note will already be drafted for you.

From here, you can personalize the card and message. Our system will learn from any edits you make to the note, ensuring that future notes are written in your style. You can also customize your card:

  • Change the card design by clicking on the Choose button and browsing all card options.

  • Pick a Writing Style that is close to your own handwriting. Contact us about setting up the system with your handwriting for a one-time set up fee.

  • Choose the date the card will send so it gets to your contact on the date you think is best.

The cost of each card includes the handwriting and stamp. They range from $3.25 - $5.50 and new designs are being added all the time!