Adding Contacts Using the Chome Extension

The Forget Me Not ai Chrome Extension makes adding contacts and their information simple and quick. This first version works with LinkedIn, allowing you to add a contact in a single click. Any contact information and birthday that they have provided will also be pulled into your Forget Me Not ai account.

Get started by logging into your account, select Add contact, and then select Add with Forget Me Not ai Plugin

That will take you to the Chrome Web Store, where you need to select Add to Chrome

You will now see the Forget Me Not ai logo in your toolbar. Sign in to your account by clicking on the logo.

Next, go to LinkedIn and you'll notice some new buttons with the Forget Me Not ai logo. These buttons appear when you are able to add a contact or touchpoint directly from LinkedIn.

Adding a contact from LinkedIn will pull in all of the contact information that individual has provided in LinkedIn. It is important to note that contact information is only pulled in for individuals with whom you are connected.

Are there additional features you would like to see? Please send us a note at to let us know!